Purpose & Chai
Purpose & Chai
Become who you're destined to be


Welcome to Purpose and Chai.

I’m a Pakistani-American/Canadian actress, dreamer, dog mom, fitness enthusiast and overall lover of life.

I was born in Texas to a blended family. I lived in Chicago for 13 years before my family settled in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada in 2000. 

8 years ago, I made a bold move to Los Angeles to pursue my love of acting. I’ve personally experienced quite a bit of adversity and I’d like to share the lessons I’ve learned with you. I hope to create a community of love and honesty where we can learn from each other. I see everyday as a new opportunity to grow, whilst trying to discover self and follow our dreams.


“One thing I know for sure is that each and every single ones of us was put on this earth to be free and live up to the potential of greatness that exists inside all of us.”


I’m on a mission to pursue my passions, live out my purpose and navigate traditions. I created Purpose and Chai in hopes of helping you discover and pursue your ‘why’.  Purpose is why we are here. Who and what are we destined to be? Chai is a symbol of where I come from: Culture and the beliefs that come with it. Few things feel as good as the right cup of chai. Traditions can play a huge part in aiding and/or deterring us from becoming who we are destined to be. It can be a lot, trust me I get it. Lets talk about it! Sit back, grab your cup of chai and lets embark on this journey called life.. together! 


Much love,

Tasha ♥️


I would love to connect with you! Please feel free to give me a shout on social media or email me at purposeandchai@gmail.com