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Learning to Say No

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a difficult time saying no. Two simple little letters have caused me to even feel paralyzed at times, overthinking and preplanning how to to avoid having to say the word altogether.

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Who Are You?

Who was I? Who was I really underneath all of the facades and boxes others had set up that I gladly jumped into? The question of who I am is one that I still seek to answer but not in the same confused way I used to ponder some years ago when I was seeking permission to really be me.

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I had a breakdown the eve of my 29th birthday because I I considered myself a failure. I delivered pizzas for a living and was just barely getting by on bills. What did I have to show for my life? Here’s where one of my favorite words comes into play. Perspective. I have my health, I have my dreams, I have my visions, aspirations and the love of those closest to me.

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